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\”Who is Your Guy?\” School Children Perform Spyro\’s Song in a Beautiful Way, Video Goes Viral

“Who is Your Guy?” School Children Perform Spyro’s Song in a Beautiful Way, Video Goes Viral

Cursory: A group of talented secondary school children have left netizens in awe after their performance of “Who is Your Guy?” surfaced In a video seen on TikTok, the children performed the song in the school compound, and it was epic. The video has sparked positive reactions from TikTok users, who praised the coordination of the video.


A creative TikTok video has shown some secondary school children performing “Who is Your Guy?” by Spyro. The adorable video was posted by @kwasi_optional, and it shows a well-coordinated performance by the schoolchildren.

In the TikTok video, there were many children who took part in the performance, and they all did very well.

It was a girl who kickstarted the performance with a nice dance. After she opened the floor, others followed.

Each of them performed a part of the song, and it was clear from their delivery that they all mastered the lyrics. The song played in the background while the children appeared individually and mimed it nicely.

In the end, they all gathered together and collectively performed the last part. The performance took place on the school premises. TikTok users have fallen in love with the video, and many of them are praising the children for their talent.

See video below:

See reactions below:

@armahkwartemaa:Who saw don jazzi in the guy who said don jazzi na my guy

@Ahemaa????:The girl who danced from the beginning made the thing so nice

@Maame Freda:Philemon is cute and innocent ????????????

@dazzle:you put in so much work making this and it is so beautiful ????????????????????,well done Kwasi

@Zleh Queen ????:The Don Jazzy got me laughing ????

@aliceayoola:lovely children with lovely music ????????????????????????????????

@pharees_fashiongallery:You kids are definitely gonna be great in life ????

@????????tobi????????:Was smiling throughout the video clip… I really enjoyed it ???? ????

@Divinestan:nice one ghanians…i love this video my ghanian brothers and sisters, i love you all, i hail you from here, NIGERIA


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