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University Student Refuses to Return Matriculation Gown After Ceremony, Goes Home With it

University Student Refuses to Return Matriculation Gown After Ceremony, Goes Home With it

Cursory: A University fresher has gone viral after refusing to return her matriculation gown to the school at the end of the ceremony. The student said she paid the sum of 10k for the gown, and she wouldn’t return it till she her money’s worth. Some students thronged her comment section to say they did the same thing at the time of their matriculation. In a recent video on her page, she was seen returning the gown.


A lady who paid 10k to collect a matriculation gown from her school has taken it home after the event. In a video posted on TikTok by @call_me_beauty_16, the student was sighted in the matriculation gown at home.

She wore it while washing her clothes outside, telling her audience that she was at home. The student feels that since she paid 10k for the gown, she had to get back her use it till she was satisfied.

It is a known fact that many universities require fresh students to pay for matriculation and graduation gowns and return them immediately after the ceremony. The lady confirmed in the comments that she attends Global Wealth University in Togo.

But clearly, the student said she would wear the gown until she got her money’s worth, which was why she returned home with it.

The funny video has since gone viral and drawn reactions from both present and former students. One student said she did not return her gown and is now in 300-level. Watch the video below:

See video below:

See reactions below:

@teemah:i trust my school , you can never go away with their properties , cuz they will collect all yr sch. receipt b4 u collect the gown

@ifechukwulaura:During ur final cleareance ,You go pay for it again

@user5542611608745:my dear???? i use my own cover body sleep for like a month before i return m????????

@LauraJay:my school will collect your id.. oya keep gown make the keep id

@Omotoyinbo Heritage:Not prof. Christopher Imumolen laughing at the comment section ????????????

@Temple of mancity warns: “By the time you pay 20k for delay first.”

@habeebah said: “My school will collect your school fees receipt before you collect the gown. Tell me how you won’t return it?”

However, a recent video on her page has shown her finally returning the gown after finding out that bloggers have written a report on her initial video.

She was seen returning it, claiming that she just returned it because she felt like it and not because har initial post went viral. A lot of netizens teased her in the comment section.

See video:

See reactions below:

@Comfort Okoro113 commy flezxy:why you return am????????

@Imabe favour:They went to post it on Facebook na wa for all these people

@huxo1:U for no return am lemme see how you will graduate ????????

@@Dam_sel234????????:@Morgan olamide How far you too no return your matriculation gown today ooo???????????? 20k no be small money

@Olivia:Nah so person go turn into celebrity????

@Adannaya:If she didn’t return and the school sees it she will be in hot soup

@That????gurl???? sasha????❤️:I tag my sis????????????she’s in 400 level she just returned it last week ????????????????????????

@usert02a2khu7f:You for hold am for like 6months again????????????


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