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Top 20 Graduate Development Programs for Africans (2022)

Top 20 Graduate Development Programs for Africans (2022)

Top companies operating within the African continent open various graduate development opportunities each year for qualifying young African graduates . Such programs are designed to give these young graduates hands-on experience and skills that will enable them to become professionals in their chosen careers, and also for a chance to be retained by the company for a full-time employment. The duration of these programs usually spans 12 months or more. There are entry-level roles that mostly require a bachelor’s or equivalent first-degree qualification

List of Top 20 Graduate Development Programs for Africans (2022)


1. MTN Graduate Development Program

MTN recruits energetic, and enthusiastic individuals with a growth mindset to join its graduate development program. The program involves formal development (with MTN Academy and Duke Corporate education), mentorship, full-time employment in business areas, laptops, medical insurance, and other benefits individuals from Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda and Eswatini are welcome to apply for this opportunity. Click here for Details | Deadline: 30th October 2022.

2. The Place IT Graduate Trainee Program, Nigeria

The Place is known for producing quality food products. Graduates of any discipline can apply for this program. They will work under the supervision of experienced IT personnel for 12 months before they are given full-time positions in the IT department. Click here for Details | Deadline: 18th September 2022.

3. ABB Engineering and Graduate Trainee, South Africa

ABB is a global leader in engineering, robotics, electrification, and automation. They are located at Longmeadow, Johannesburg. ABB welcomes applications from graduates for its graduate trainee program. Graduates will receive 70% on-the-job training, 20% classroom training to develop their skills and become full-time employers. Click here for Details | Deadline: Not specified.

4. FNB International Graduate Trainee Program, South Africa

First National Bank offers South African graduates the opportunity to get trained and work at this Bank. This program is open to only South African citizens. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in specific Academic areas. Click here for Details | Deadline: October 31, 2022.

5. Nestle CWAR Graduate Trainee Program

Nestle is a nutrition, health, and wellness company located in more than 130 countries including Africa. They offer 18-month career development opportunities to graduates with a bachelor’s degree and 2 years of working experience. Graduates get on-the-job experience and leadership training to enable them work in a fast-paced and competitive FMCG business. Click here for Details | Deadline: To be updated

6. Shell Global Graduate Program

Shell Global is an energy and petrochemical company that provides clean energy solutions. They are located in more than 70 countries which includes African countries such as Nigeria and South Africa. Shell offers a 2-3 years internship for graduates of any discipline to work in a diverse global environment and get trained. Click here for Details | Deadline: Varies

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7. Access Bank Graduate Trainee Recruitment

Access bank aims to improve its customer experience by offering graduates an opportunity to get trained as bankers and leaders. Access bank is located in African countries like Ghana and Nigeria. Graduates undergo four months of Entry Level Training Program (ELTP) at the Banking School of Excellence. Candidates who excel in this program will be given full-time employment in assigned areas with full benefits. Click here for Details | Deadline: Varies by Country

8. Audi Global Graduate Program

Audi is a company that manufactures automotive vehicles. Audi is offering graduates from Africa and other continents an opportunity to gain international job experience and mentoring through its employment contract. Graduates will be trained in the areas of product, technology, IT, processes, digitalization, market, finance, and HR. Click here for Details | Deadline: Varies.

9. Reckitt Finance Graduate Trainee, Egypt & North Africa

Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc is a company that manufactures nutritional, hygiene, and home products. Graduates from North Africa can consider applying for the Reckitt finance graduate trainee program for Egypt and North Africa. Candidates will gain new skills and experience working with a global team. Qualified candidates will be offered full-time employment with additional benefits at the end of the training period. Click here for Details | Deadline: Varies.

10. Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE Graduate. Program, Egypt

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a multinational information technology company that provides storage, networking, software, IT support, consulting, artificial intelligence cloud computing products, and consulting services. Hewlett Packard Enterprise welcomes applications from graduates for its sales and IT job training and mentorship program in Cairo, Egypt for 2 years. Click here for Details | Deadline: Varies.

11. Leap Africa Young Professionals Development Program

The Young Professionals Program is aimed at training and mentoring young graduates in various fields such as ICT, procurement, communications, monitoring, evaluation, and research. The duration of this program is 1 year. Candidates who complete the training will get full-time employment and added benefits. Click here for Details | Deadline: Varies.

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12. Kenya Airways Engineering Graduate Trainee

Kenya Airways welcomes applications from engineering graduates for its 1-year graduate trainee program. Graduates will receive professional and technical training as well as certification at the end of the program. Click here for Details | Deadline: Varies.

13. Engineer Board of Kenya Graduate Engineer Internship Program

This is an internship program that is funded by the Kenyan Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development. Graduates will work in private and public sectors which will provide an opportunity for them to understand government services. The program also includes mentorship and leadership training. Click here for Details | Deadline: Not Specified

14. Olam Fresh Graduate Recruitment, Ghana

Olam International is a food and agro-business based company that is situated in more than 60 countries including African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria. They are offering a 1-year graduate trainee program to graduates in fields such as procurement, manufacturing, technical and office support. For the first month, trainees will work in different fields by rotation. Next, they will specialize in a particular field for 3 months. The remaining months will be used to identify and work on high-impact projects within the company. Successful candidates will be given full-time employment as supervisors in the company. Click here for Details | Deadline: Varies.

15. World Bank Group Young Professionals Program

The World Bank welcomes applications from graduates all over the world including citizens of Africa for its Young Professionals Program. This program aims to train graduates on how to create solutions for developmental challenges. Trainees will work for World Bank, IFC, and MIGA. This is a 2-year leadership program that may turn into a five-year employment contract with salary and other benefits for successful candidates. Click here for Details | Deadline: Updated Yearly.

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16. Heineken Ethiopia Vacancy for Fresh Graduates

Heineken is a multinational brewing company located in over 70 countries. They seek applications from female graduates who recently graduated from the university. Graduates will be trained for 18 months in different departments such as supply chain, finance, and marketing. Click here for Details | Deadline: Not Specified

17. Standard Bank Tanzania Graduate Trainee Program

This program aims to train vibrant and talented graduates for 18 months in Standard Bank, Tanzania. Graduates will learn critical skills needed to solve challenges in the business world and become future leaders. Candidates must be willing to work at least 8 hours during the months of training. Click here for Details | Deadline: September 14, 2022

18. PwC Mauritius Graduate Recruitment Programme

PwC welcomes applications from graduates from diverse backgrounds to get trained in their graduate program in Moka, Mauritius. Graduates will work on several tasks that will improve their market-leading skills, work experience, and networking opportunities with PwC professionals. Click here for Details | Deadline: Updated Yearly.

19. Infosys Graduate Program, Mauritius

Infosys is an information technology company that is seeking to train agile and young graduates. Graduates must have IT, engineering, or science backgrounds to qualify for this program. Graduates will develop their professional careers at Infosys and gain access to mentors. Click here for Details | Deadline: Varies.

20. Ernst and Young Graduate Program

Ernst and Young (EY) is a prestigious global firm that offers audit, consulting, strategy, transactions, and tax services in more than 150 countries around the world. It is offering entry-level opportunities to graduates from more than 150 countries to take part in its graduate program each year. Graduates will gain valuable experience working in fields such as assurance, audit, consulting, and tax. Click here for Details | Deadline: Updated Yearly.

Graduate development programs are a great way for unemployed graduates to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field, network, and eventually get full-time employment. Graduates should consider applying for any of these programs to secure a better future.

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