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See Trending Video of Little Girl Who Knows How to Count Numbers in 4 Languages

See Trending Video of Little Girl Who Knows How to Count Numbers in 4 Languages

Cursory: A TikTok video of a beautiful little girl counting numbers in four languages was posted online. In the short video trending online, the girl counted numbers in English, Swahili, Spanish and French. The girl, who is less than two years old, has been praised by a lot of TikTok users who appreciated her ability to learn fast.


A brilliant little girl has become popular on TikTok because of her amazing ability to read numbers in different languages. Her amazing ability was sited In a video posted on the platform by @amayamwiti. The girl’s mother asked her to recite numbers, and she did it in a very interesting way.

Her spectacular talent has got netizens gushing over her. People were amazed that not only did the girl know how to count numbers, but she also did so in four different languages.

First, she counted numbers from one to ten in English with so much confidence. She again counted numbers in Swahili when her mother told her to do so. She did the same with Spanish and French.

The girl’s ability to count numbers in the four languages has endeared her to many people on TikTok. People praised her for her prowess despite the fact that she was less than two years old.

See video below:

See reactions below:

@King Stifulah:I’m Ugandan but she better than me at counting in Swahili ????

@ANASTASIA:You truly deserve a MEDAL!!! You are not an average mum and these videos inspire lot of mothers around the world! Keep it up????????????????

@Jamie T:only came across this account this morning and I’m totally inlove with your daughter lol she’s the cutest

@Barbie:Brilliant swit lito angel! we Bless God for her n her parents

@James Fields:she mesmerished me to the Bones wen she counted in Shahilli…Cute Kid????????

@bebegal36:she is Sooooo clever am in shock

@dorofrank0:one of the most amazing kiddoz I have ever seen????

@user9329139637617:Start of some special skills ????

@abiolakar said: “Very cute girl.”

@missg said: “No way! She is amazing!” “Wow! How old is she? Imagine counting in Swahili.”

@warrior said: “That is going to be a clever little lady. I would like to see her in her teens.”

@piza said: “I like her Swahili accent.”

@usainuber said: “Them covid babies are just something else.”

@daragentry297 said: “She is too smart. I have never heard anyone count in Swahili.”


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