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Little Girl in School Uniform Helps Her Mum Fry Puff Puff, Video Inspires Many

Little Girl in School Uniform Helps Her Mum Fry Puff Puff, Video Inspires Many

Cursory:An inspiring video of a young girl helping her mother out with her business has gone viral on TikTok. The young girl was seen helping her mother to fry a popular Nigerian pastry called ‘Puff Puff’. The helpful girl was dressed in her school uniform as she expertly handled the with so much expertise.


Most children are always eager to work and help, because of their curious nature. Also because of the stage of their growth, they tend to soak in knowledge like a sponge.

For children whose parents have menial entrepreneurial jobs. They usually learn the trade effortlessly and become proficient in it in little time due to their ability to learn fast. In a cute video, a young girl learned how to mix, fry and finish the famous pastry called ‘Puff Puff’.

Although it looks simple and easy, it is a tricky chore due to the dough’s sticky nature when it is prepared before frying. The young girl learned how to cut the dough perfectly with her hand and put it into the already-heated frying oil.

She seemed to be unbothered by the heat of the oil and fire, indicating this it is something she has become used to. She even had the strength to use a big frying spoon to scoop the ‘Puff Puff’ out of the oil and into the draining basket.

Everyone who came across the video was impressed. With her skill, and said she could open her pastry shop one day to earn a living or use it as an additional source of income.

See video:

See reactions below:

@Oluwatoyin said: “God bless your hustle.” @DEMILADE wrote: “Aww.” @kemmyrashidat said: “God bless you my darling you will grow in wisdom and understanding in JESUS mighty name.”

@Harde commented: “Omo she did it better than i do this. Good job bbygirl.”

@bolarinlege wrote: “God bless you baby girl.”

@Tosin Balqis Adey152 commented: “God bless you.”

@Christabel commented: “This is evergreen school Ibadan.”

@Nancy Felix wrote: “Growing to become a great chef.”

@Bayor commented: “This is what informal education really means and it is the best form of education. Teaching our kids the reality of life. God bless you dear.”

@Lady bee commented: “God bless you baby.”

@Oluwadami wrote: “Guy may ur phone no go fall inside.”

@Flora mercy wrote: “God bless you baby girl for helping ur mom omo atoju e loruko Jesu.”


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