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Little Blind Girl Reads Bible Accurately Without Looking at it, Video Goes Viral on TikTok

Little Blind Girl Reads Bible Accurately Without Looking at it, Video Goes Viral on TikTok

Cursory: A minute-long video of a blind little girl reading a chapter from the Bible perfectly has got a lot of people. In the short video, the girl could be seen using her fingers to go through the Braille Bible as she read aloud. Even though she was visually impaired, she was able to read accurately and quickly, which amazed many people.


A video of a blind girl reading the Bible without looking at it has warmed hearts and inspired many to take reading their Bible seriously. In the viral video, the girl could be seen reading a verse out loud with her hands, which has fascinated many people.

Another heart melting thing about the video, is that she smiled throughout, indicating that she was enjoying every bit of the moment as she read the holy book. Although it is common for blind persons to read using braille, many people were still moved by her proper diction and the clarity of her voice.

Many social media users who reacted to the video said it was a real miracle that improved their faith.

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@Precious Drayton:GOD IS REAL???????? Go Braille❣️

@Nyanta:People who practice braille reading are so smart… fascinating…..????

@Bismarksony223:Forgive me LORD that I can see yet I don’t read the bible ????

@Mira Na’Imah ????:That’s so amazing. Braille reading seems difficult. God bless this little precious!

@S.Teven????????:top 2 most impressive things In the world is braille reading.

@Brother Nick:This is a flex ????????✝️@kaliyah:SHE DIDNT STUTTER !!@Nisha????:Braille is so beautiful ????

@Ynobe:My God!!! What a gift God gave her and no one can take that away from her

@Danyel:Are you serious?! ???? She has a supernatural gift from God!!!????????????????????????????

@TF IS A BRIZ:People are saying braille is beautiful SHES beautiful Amen✝️✝️

@Beverly adaeze:Wow! When I tell you this blessed me. Go girl!!

@itsashleyrenee__:This gave me chills ????

@AMADI Faith-based Jewelry:This is beautiful!!????????

@t???? ????:NO BUT THIS IS INSANE . BOOK OF ELI…. god bless her ! her purpose here on earth is needed????


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