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Girl With Small Stature Becomes Main Focus While Marching With Mates (Video)

Girl With Small Stature Becomes Main Focus While Marching With Mates (Video)

Cursory: An attention grabbing video of some girls exhibiting their skills during a marching parade has gone viral on social media. People cheered them on with excitement as the young girls were marched on the street in batches. The highlight of the show was the parade commander, who showed off a great aura despite being physically challenged .


A brilliant girl who was born midget has shown that one must not let their circumstances and physical conditions drag them back. Instead she showed that so long as it is physically possible, one should have fun. Despite having a small stature and deformed feet she never let her challenge stop her from pulling crowds.

She and a group of girls participated in a marching parade as was captured In a viral video . They were all schoolgirls dressed in yellow uniforms with white stockings and dark shoes.

The smallish parade commander had a deformity on her feet, making them tilt sideways instead of facing forward. This did not deter her, as she still marched to the best of her ability. She was focused on the march past and wasn’t distracted by those handing her water or crowded around her to record her in action.

Netizens found it hilarious that she wore sneakers longer than her feet which were quite noticeable. It was a sight to behold.

See video below

See reactions below:

@faith queen wrote: “Left, left. I’m so sorry.”

@iamfaruk commented: “God it great.”

@Exclusiv_Ky wrote: “The shoes.”

@Uchenna Proceed said: “She really focused on the game.”

@chizoba commented: “Another day to fight for heaven.”

@Drezzy commented: “God please i won’t laugh again.”

@Bezzy commented: “Yellow rangers.”

@giftgal24 wrote: “Sorry I laughed.”

@diamond470497 wrote: “The shoe long pass her.”

@Ericah commented: “Are we allowed to laugh?”

@CATHY’S CLOTHING wrote: “This year 6th March ankasa is on another level o, if you don’t take care, you will miss heaven.”

@Armah painkiller said: “I think I won’t make it to heaven oo.”

@rich_hoie commented: “Each and everyday I have to fight for a place in heaven because of y’all here.”

@nonnygathoni said: “I didn’t do it, God I wasn’teven thinking of doing it.”

@Adanals Efia wrote: “And that’s on inclusion!”

@Mama commented: “Forgive me O Lord.”


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