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Former Teacher Laments, Says He Regrets Traveling to Saudi Arabia for Greener Pastures(Video)

Former Teacher Laments, Says He Regrets Traveling to Saudi Arabia for Greener Pastures(Video)

Cursory: A Ghanaian man in Saudi Arabia has said that he wouldn’t mind returning to his home country if he receives a fair salary offer. In an interview with SVTV Africa, Paul Agbubilla said his work as a food service worker earns him the same money he was getting as a teacher in Ghana. He expressed the desire to keep on working in Saudi Arabia with the hopes that he makes more money


A young Ghanaian man currently living in Saudi Arabia has revealed that he will gladly return to Ghana to continue with his former job if he is offered a good salary.

Paul Agbubilla, a university graduate and a teacher by profession revealed in an interview with SVTV Africa said his decision to travel was premised on the hardships he was facing in Ghana.

As a basic school teacher, Paul said the salary was not enough coupled with the fact that he owed a lot of people and needed money to settle his debt. He added that he has also got the opportunity to become a Senior High School teacher but opted to work as a food service worker for McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia

“I spoke to my wife about the choices before me and we agreed that it would be better if I travelled to Saudi Arabia. Because as a basic school teacher I was taking ¢1,800 and I wasn’t going to take much as a Senior High School teacher as well”.

Speaking on his new life in a foreign country, Paul revealed that his arrival in Saudi Arabia only left him with regrets because he realized that his salary as a worker at McDonald’s was the same as what he was getting as a teacher in Ghana with the only difference being the additional money he earns as overtime.

He added that the long working hours associated with his job is also one aspect that makes the work very tiring.

Quizzed whether he would come home after his work contract ends in 6 months’ time, Paul replied that he would do that if the salary offer he will get in Ghana is good but at the moment, he intends to stay there.

“If I get a school that will pay me 3000 cedis, I would return to Ghana, Also in Saudi Arabia, if they could pay we those who work 15 hours a day just like the Saudi Arabia workers who work 9 hours a day, things would be better for us” he said.

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Michael khamah:Arab country is not a country for people in Ghana to travel, if you want to travel make sure you ignore those Arab countries in your mind

Alex Adu Gyamfi: DJ Nyame, I like your questioning skills. As a graduate teacher, if you decide to travel,must it be everywhere? You have to research and do a lot of feasibility studies before deciding to go. Hmmm I like this part , it is only when you travel before you realize it is not all that bad home…. If you are not living alone, then in a way, you’re not fully settled.

Loretta: Paul you should apply to schools abroad there are application fee waivers usa has lots of scholarships eu too/Canada etc. Or look for jobs teaching abroad. Uk has a shortage in teachers. Canada usa have opportunity for foreign teachers. Someone came here spoke about Thailand the man had lived there for years with his wife teaching. So many options for you as a teacher… maybe even you can find better Job as you have teaching degree. All these information you can find it online for free

Leonora Addo-yobo: It’s greediness, selfishness, lawlessness,to whom u know n those who are above the Law. That’s what is killing Ghana. We fail to understand that if it’s for you, it’s for all of us. So we have to treat it as such????????. You are very right. The church is really becoming a problem to the society.10

LINDA AMPEM DARKO: My brother didn’t go back keep going try and move to another country and you will make it in Jesus name.2

Leonard Grant: This guy started life when he wasn’t ready. You must learn to crawl before walking

Afah Issah:Paul you are speaking sense’ Ghana leaders are very wicked from the president and the minister.Watching you life from south africa.

Eric Ekuban Mensah:The guy is speaking sense, you will only understand religion is a big problem after you travel overseas. Religion is the biggest downfall of Ghana!!! Africa needs to wake up !! Bigups bro

Michael khamah:Arab country is not a country for people in Ghana to travel, if you want to travel make sure you ignore those Arab countries in your mind

Sharp Tv:Please my people if you want to travel to suadi,UAE,Qatar try using good agent not a connection man, please try and find job linq africa at North kaneshie ❤

philip afetorgbor:If am saving 200 cedis every month in Ghana I will be happy

Bright A:Now one Saudi riyal is almost 4 Ghanian cedis. That’s never bad. Working in Saudi Arabia is better. That’s to me.

Clarissa Awen Gertje:The work really hard in McDonald here I’m Saudi Arabia


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