Fella Makafui’s New Hot Photos Gets Her Husband Medikal Shouting

Mrs. Precious Fella Makafui Frimpong is undeniably attractive.

The wife of artist Medikal, known in private life as Samuel Adu Frimpong, wows her followers every time she appears on social media.

Fella Makafui has shared some lovely images online, like she often does.

The mother of Baby Island Frimpong wore an all-black bodycon shirt and shorts in her new photographs.

She wore her bodycon with a pair of large black boots with what appeared to be side pockets.

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Fella wore her hair in a low cut, but it was colored blonde, and she wore huge earrings and black lipstick to complete her ensemble.

Fella depicted herself as a ‘bad girl’ in the photographs, which she echoed in her caption to the stunning photos.

The actress defined herself as “wicked, evil, and remorseless.”

“Wicked and bad!! NO REMORSE”,

Her caption stated:

Fella Makafui’s husband was one of the first to remark on the images after she shared them.

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Medikal anticipated that Fella’s images will cause controversy, basing on Black Sherif’s lyrics on Second Sermon.

The rapper’s reply said, “Mrs Frimpong de Asem b3ba.”