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Cute Little Boy in School Uniform Dances Smoothly in Front of Crowd, Video Goes Viral

Cute Little Boy in School Uniform Dances Smoothly in Front of Crowd, Video Goes Viral

Cursory: A young schoolboy surprised everyone during a party with the sweet and fantastic way he danced. In a video posted on TikTok by @abbyguelolivia, the boy danced amazingly in the midst of a crowd. The viral video has gotten a lot of attention and sparked funny reactions on TikTok.


A young boy in school uniform has gone viral after a video of his amazing dance talent surfaced online. The schoolboy danced during a party, and the moment was recorded in a TikTok video posted by @abbyguelolivia.

When the boy heard the sound of good music, and he could not help but move his body. He stood up from his chair and started moving his body gently like a seasoned dancer.

His dance progressed into more vigorous moves as he started dancing with his waist like showing his flexibility.

The young boy smoothly moved his waist from one end to the other while also coming down low. Many people at the party noticed his dancing and turned in his direction to watch.

Some TikTokers observed that boy looked innocent and did not appear like someone who could dance that well.

See video:

See reactions below:

@halimax21:this young boy is more better than me ???? more blessings little one ????????

@user8356968196615:enjoying their innocent childhood????

@user7751094872696:does anyone notice how cute he is?

@D_Greatkings1:innocent look with the baddest vibe, don’t judge a book by its cover

@phanis14:everyday before I sleep I have to watch this movie so as to have a smile before I sleep????

@cc said: “We should let kids enjoy their innocent childhood wama good boy.”

@Noel Christine13 commented: “I only know how to dance when sitting.”

@argatha k reacted: “IF watched more than one time we have a meeting.”

@cute cate commented: “How handsome he is.”

@H A K E E M H AM said: “This was me during mdd and speech day.”

@AGUNGUMA-GAARA KINGSLEY said: “Fear boys with innocent faces.”


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