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Baby Recites Alphabet in Their Poor Looking Room With Old TV, Mum Cheers Her On

Baby Recites Alphabet in Their Poor Looking Room With Old TV, Mum Cheers Her On

Cursory:A mother and daughter have shown people that one can be happy even when they are not financially buoyant, they can still be happy. The child recited the alphabet and mixed most of the letters up as her mother tried hard not to laugh. People who watched their video said happiness is indeed free, as seen in the mother and daughter bonding.


A mother, @prossyalexer, living in a humble house with an old TV, shared a video showing her and her daughter having fun while learning. In the video, the mother asked her daughter to recite the alphabet. After getting the recitation to “G”, she started mumbling them up in a sing-song way.

The mother kept cheering her on, even after she started mixing up the letters. Towards the end of her recitation, the woman burst into laughter and her daughter joined.

People who watched their video and saw how poor their humble surroundings noted that it does not take much to be happy. A netizen even indicated interest in getting the daughter a tablet device.

See video below:

See reactions:

@Hearty ❤️‍????????:It’s your hype for me ???????? so much happiness in this ????❤️

@ed ith Ish:I believe they are happier than most of you who have flat smart screens

@Buzzanyoko????:I want to buy her atablet she is so cute

@mom’sdauta✔:A B C D A N T M M J K L F T N M P 1 A A P ???????????? NEW ALPHABET

@????C❤️A❤️R❤️L❤️Y????:can she put on a serious face for five minutes without laughing ????????????????????

@habuzben:oh may God mum’s love blessings to the child

@rose machaa:awww so cute☺️☺️i love how supportive mummy is

@user69704979023470:this baby has the best mum in the whole world????????????

@Okil:???????????????? if this is not happiness, then I don’t know what this is

@sheylah????:Those saying Mbu kibuto Tv, tugambe u have never seen it????you have big screens but ain’t happy like this, wama mummy thank you so much for the love????


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