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Babcock Student Bashed Uber Driver’s Vehicle, Refused to Help With Repairs

Babcock Student Bashed Uber Driver’s Vehicle, Refused to Help With Repairs

Cursory: A commercial driver has spoken to reporters about how a Babcock university student has run into his car but refused to pay for damages. According to reports the girls TikTok handle has been found and she is not responding to her calls or texts.


Benjamin Iyanam, an Uber driver, has narrated to FIJ how Ifeoluwa Ogunjemilusi, a Babcock University student, bashed his vehicle and failed to compensate him.

According to the Uber driver, he was driving through Ozumba Mbadiwe in Lagos State on August 27, 2022, when Ogunjemilusi’s vehicle collided with his. She had come from two lanes to his right and attempted to enter his lane when the front of her car’s bumper hit his Toyota vehicle. He later discovered she was driving with a learner’s permit issued 16 days earlier.

“I was driving on Ozumba Mbadiwe road on August 27, 2022, just after the tollgate, when the accident happened in front of Oriental Hotel,” Iyanam told FIJ. “She was on the third lane while I was on the first lane to the left.

“She kept coming towards a white bus that was between us, and the driver was avoiding her, but she kept coming left until she rammed into my vehicle. We were all driving at speed.

“She stopped, came out and started apologising. I asked for her license so I could take a picture, but she brought out her learner’s permit. I also collected her number, and she promised to help fix my vehicle.”

Iyanem told FIJ that after that encounter, he tried reaching her but she was not responding, and her number became unreachable. He said he found her on TikTok, a social media platform where she operated an account under the name @littlelusi_, but she did not respond to him.He said Uber suspended him for two weeks, and he had to spend N400,000 repairing the vehicle without help from Ogunjemilusi.

“I reported the matter at the Maroko police division, but they have been unable to make an arrest, and she has failed to show up at the station,” Iyanam added.

FIJ called Ogunjemilusi on several occasions, but her number was unreachable. We also sent a text message, but it was not replied to.


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